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Our Process

Easy Steps To Get Your Solutions


Craft the Vision

Create a robust accounting framework that scales to meet your needs, in line with your objectives.


Build the Base

Create a robust accounting framework that scales to meet your needs, in line with your objectives.


Automate Processes

Integrate a suite of technology tools to streamline accounting processes and improve efficiency.


Control & Document

Standardize and document all processes and controls to ensure consistent execution and easy scalability.


Implement & Adapt

Ensure ongoing maintenance of accounting and compliance reporting while adapting to changing business requirements.


Strategic Consultation

Receive expert advice and insights through the use of projections, forecasts, ad-hoc analysis, and strategic CFO advisory.

OnChain Accounting: No One Knows Blockchain
Accounting Better Than Us

At OnChain Accounting, our team believes in the notion that providing outstanding financial services is both a core component and critical to the longevity, success, and goals of any crypto or blockchain-focused business. Our dedicated and professional team realizes that no two clients are alike, and treats each and every web3 and blockchain-focused business with the personalization they deserve.

From crypto bookkeeping and DeFi accounting to tailored fractional CFO services, our team is dedicated to propelling your business forward, maintaining compliance, simplifying your crypto bookkeeping efforts, and streamlining your finances.

The OnChain Blockchain Accounting Difference

At OnChain, we pride ourselves on being the absolute best blockchain and crypto accounting partners. To achieve the highest level of results for each of our clients, we focus on four unique and critical pillars:

  • Streamlined Financial Reporting
    At OnChain Accounting, we understand how much of a headache financial reporting can be. Indeed, all web3 businesses deserve subject matter experts who speak the inherent language of blockchain and crypto finances.

    Specifically, our rigorous monthly financial reporting and crypto bookkeeping is proactive in nature by providing forward-looking recommendations that ensure you are up-to-speed with all crypto-based financial intricacies.

    Your business is multi-faceted, and we realize that. We therefore take the time to ensure that all of our recommendations drive profitability and achieve your business goals.

  • Continued Crypto Bookkeeping Compliance & Strategic Tax Planning
    At OnChain Accounting, our crypto bookkeeping services will help you manage your digital assets with ease. From accurate reconciliation to closely monitoring and tracking cost basis, our dedicated team of crypto CPAs + blockchain specialists can help you navigate the complexities of the crypto transactions and the respective tax consequences.

    Without compliance protocols, however, even the best crypto or blockchain business is destined for failure. For this reason, we stay up to date with the rigorous GAAP standards, ensuring that your business is compliant at all times.

    Interrelated to our structured compliance protocol, OnChain Accounting also ensures that each and every one of our clients are taking advantage of their annual tax savings. As such, we seamlessly coordinate and work hand-in-hand with your designated crypto CPA to provide strategic crypto tax accounting, as well as planning for future quarters and fiscal years.

  • Streamlined Financial Processes For Expedited Scalability
    At OnChain Accounting, we want you to focus on what you do best. This means continuing to drive innovative solutions and ideas, and not spending countless hours understanding the minutiae of crypto tax laws.

    Specifically, our streamlined internal processes and full-suite crypto financial services provide simplified analysis + efficient data-sharing, without the need to understand or digest complicated crypto accounting software.

  • More Than a Crypto Accounting Service
    Beyond these four pillars, we strive to be an extension of your internal team. That means taking the time to understand each and every segment of your business, from business differentiators and internal processes to your team’s long and short-term goals.

    Scale your blockchain business and let OnChain Accounting handle your crypto tax accounting today.

Relying on spreadsheets to track your transactions?

Blockchain Accounting Services and Crypto CPA Near Me!

There is a better way.OCA helps crypto companies set up, manage and automate their accounting operations. We understand the intricacies behind blockchain accounting services, reconciling multiple wallets and thousands of transactions. By outsourcing your accounting needs, you gain access to a team of CPA’s and blockchain experts. Stop googling “crypto CPA near me”, and hit that schedule a call button above!