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DeFi Dashboards 2023


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DeFi Data at your fingertips

DeFi dashboards are a really cool feature enabled by the blockchain tech stack. The ability to pull data across many networks, amongst hundreds of applications is an amazing milestone for the ecosystem. We now have many options offering different features, which are continuously being improved upon. Be sure to check back periodically, as updates are frequently made.

With a public wallet address and a defi dashboard, one can view their digital assets and transaction history. Wallet addresses can be shared with others without a security concern. Although it would be wise to keep addresses which store significant amount of value private. Unlike a bank account or a brokerage account, only those that have access to transact can view the assets. With blockchain addresses, only the person that contains the seed phrase can process transactions. This feature is one of the many qualities of a public blockchain database.




Let’s explore some of the leading DeFi Dashboards and their latest features.

APY.Vision is a fantastic DeFi Dashboard aimed at investors and liquidity providers, with a focus on impermanent loss. They are leading the industry in this area and also offer other useful tools. They have a bridge list tool and a vault/pool search engine tool. The interface is very clean and well organized. You can download liquidity provider data in CSV, which is very useful for accounting purposes. There’s a free version available with limited capital tracking and features. A subscriber Pro version is available, which can be paid monthly/yearly, or by providing liquidity on Balancer for their Vision token. is another great dashboard, which recently received a complete rebranding. Apeboard offers a beautiful display of portfolio balances, history, and allocation analytics. They offer a bridge tool and liquidity provider search tool. They offer the ability to download wallet balances and position balances in CSV, but not transaction history. It was recently purchased by data analytic provider nansen, so I suspect more changes are on the way. also offers a great product with an imbedded social feature, allowing users to follow other portfolios. The dashboard offers a DeFi token pool search, DAO search, Swap function, Bridge tool, and NFT analytics. Transaction history is available in CSV, but not lending or liquidity provider positions. The dashboard also pulls claimable rewards, and displays it on the home screen.

Each of these dashboards offer great solutions, and are best suited depending on the users needs. appeals to the degen user, providing a robust amount of defi data with social features. Apeboard stands out by providing beautiful potfolio analytics. is bested suited for liquidity providers and DeFi fund managers, since the data is granular and tracks impermanent loss.

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